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4.7.2 Tenants in Common

4.7.1 Co-Tenants sharing a unit
4.7.2 Tenants in common –Renting a room
4.7.3 Occupants

Tenants in common are tenants who live in the same rental unit, but have separate tenancy agreements with the landlord. For example, a landlord may rent out individual rooms in a large house to multiple people. Each tenant pays rent directly to the landlord, and has their own tenancy agreement. This can be a good way to get cheaper rent, without having to sign an agreement with another person.

In this type of roommate situation, you are only responsible for your own behaviour. If another tenant fails to pay their rent or decides to move out, it has no effect on your tenancy. The downside of this type of tenancy agreement is that the landlord can decide who your roommates will be. If one tenant moves out, the landlord might not consult with you before choosing a new one.