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Tenancy Agreement Checklist

A tenancy agreement is a legal contract. Once you have signed your agreement, you can only make changes with your landlord's written consent. Before signing a tenancy agreement, use this checklist to make sure that you have covered all of your bases.

Fill out this worksheet on screen, download it electronically, or print it and complete it by hand.

Mandatory Terms Check
The standard terms (listed on the standard Residential Tenancy Branch tenancy agreement)
The legal names of the tenant and landlord
The address of the rental unit
The date the agreement is entered into
The address and telephone number of the landlord or landlord’s agent
The date the tenancy will start
The tenancy period – whether it is on a weekly, monthly, or other basis
If a fixed term tenancy, the date the tenancy ends and whether the tenancy may continue as a month-to-month tenancy, or whether the tenant must move out
The amount of rent
How much rent varies depending on the number of occupants
When rent is due
What services and facilities are included in rent (storage, laundry, parking, etc.)
The amount of any deposits that are required, and the date they were or must be paid

Optional Terms Check
Pets – Are there limits on the number, size or type of pet that is allowed?
Smoking – Regardless of whether or not you smoke, are you clear about the smoking rules in your building?
Roommates – Have you decided if you are going to be a Co-Tenant, Tenant in Common or Subtenant?
Accessibility – Have you spoken to your landlord about any special accessibility requirements you need?



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4.5 Tenancy Agreement Checklist