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2.3.2 Subsidized Housing

2.3.1 Strata Property
2.3.2 Subsidized Housing
2.3.3 Secondary Suites
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.5 Manufactured Home Park Tenancies

The term “subsidized housing” generally applies to any housing where the government provides some sort of monetary assistance. As long as you are not a member of a housing cooperative (or “co-op”), subsidized housing is covered by the Residential Tenancy Act. Here are the most common types of subsidized housing:

  • Public housing:  BC Housing (government) manages public housing units for low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities. 
  • Non-profit housing:  Non-Profit Societies (organizations) receive government money in order to manage subsidized housing developments for select tenants throughout the province.
  • Rental supplements:

The application process and eligibility requirements vary depending on the type of subsidized housing.  For more information, see the BC Housing website

Finding public housing or subsidized housing can be a great option for obtaining housing that you would otherwise not be able to afford.  The process, however, can take some time.  It may be more realistic to begin the application process as part of a future plan rather than an immediate solution.