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2.3.1 Strata Property

2.3.1 Strata Property
2.3.2 Subsidized Housing
2.3.3 Secondary Suites
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.5 Manufactured Home Park Tenancies

Condominiums and Townhomes are strata properties.  This means that individual units on the property are owned separately, but all owners share ownership of the common space. When you are renting a strata property from a strata owner, you are covered by both the Residential Tenancy Act and Strata Property Act

Strata corporations adopt a set of bylaws and rules that all owners and tenants must follow.  It is important that you read and accept these bylaws and rules before entering into a tenancy agreement.  The tenant and landlord must also sign a Form K, which indicates that the tenant has received a copy of the current bylaws and rules.

Even though you are not the owner, you may still be subject to fines or fees.  For example, you might have to pay fees when moving in and moving out, or fines if you disturb neighbours or damage property.