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2.3 Types of Rental Units

2.3.1 Strata Property
2.3.2 Subsidized Housing
2.3.3 Secondary Suites
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.4 Hotels and Single Room Occupanices
2.3.5 Manufactured Home Park Tenancies

Now that we know which types of housing are NOT covered by the Residential Tenancy Act, we can consider the types of housing that are covered.  Apartments and rented houses are the most common and straightforward types of rental properties, but the Residential Tenancy Act can apply to other types of rental properties too.

On this page, there are a series of videos that describe some of these more complex types of rental properties. Are you interested in a strata property? Will you rent a secondary suite? Are you trying to get into subsidized housing?  All of these types of housing are covered under the Residential Tenancy Act, but have some unique rules and exceptions to keep in mind.   

Watch the videos that apply to your situation. When you are finished, click next to move on with the course.