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You have lived in a rental apartment for over a year. You have no pets, don't smoke, and have always been a clean and tidy tenant. When you first moved into the unit, you and your landlord stated on the condition inspection report form that the carpet at the entrance was old and worn out. Last weekend, you invited some friends over for a party. More people than you expected showed up and someone you had never met previously broke a window accidentally. To make matters worse, the next morning you noticed there are mice in your apartment.

For the following questions, choose the best possible answer.

  1. What is the best first step to take in order to get rid of the mice?
    a) Pay a professional company to make an emergency repair
    b) Ask your landlord in writing to fix the problem
    c) Apply for dispute resolution through the Residential Tenancy Branch
    d) Call your landlord and ask them to fix the problem
  2. Right, Good Job!
    Wrong, Please Try Again!
  3. Who is responsible to pay for the living room window being fixed?
    a) You (the tenant)
    b) The guest who broke it
    c) The landlord
    d) Everyone at the party
  4. Right, Good Job!
    Wrong, Please Try Again!
  5. Your landlord is not pleased about the window and mice, and wants you to replace the carpet too, even though the only damage you have caused is reasonable “wear and tear”. Who is responsible for replacing the carpet?
    a) You (the tenant)
    b) The landlord
    c) Both of you have to split the cost
    d) The landlord is not allowed to replace the carpets during your tenancy
  6. Right, Good Job!
    Wrong, Please Try Again!


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ACTIVITY: Repairs case study