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1.5 Creating a Budget

Your landlord is not allowed to reduce or take away an essential service or facility. A service or facility is “essential” if it is necessary to the tenant’s use of the rental unit and, if taken away, would make it impossible or impractical for the tenant to live there.  A good example of an essential service is an elevator in a multi-storey apartment building.

If there is a problem with an essential service or facility, let your landlord know in writing immediately.  See TRAC’s template letter, Terminating or Restricting Essential Services or Facilities.  If that doesn’t work, apply for dispute resolution for an order that your landlord restore the essential service or facility, and provide you with compensation for the disruption.  Alternatively, the issue might meet the definition of an emergency repair – for example, the primary heating system breaks during winter.  To learn more see the section on emergency repairs.