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3.7 Cover Letter 

This is an interesting question because most rental applications do NOT require a cover letter. In fact, most application forms don’t provide you with any opportunity to talk about yourself as a person.

So, why not write a cover letter to attach to your rental application? Making your application personal may set you apart from other applicants. Writing a cover letter gives you the chance to speak about your character and demonstrate that you will be a responsible tenant. 

If you are applying with a roommate, partner, or as a family, make sure your cover letter describes everyone who will be included in the tenancy. 

Your cover letter should focus on the positives, without being misleading or over-exaggerated. Write about your job, interests and hobbies, why you like the area, and what type of tenant you will be.

In the Resources Section, there are sample cover letters. You can use these as a starting point to write your own personal cover letter.