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Roommate Questionnaire

There are benefits to living with a roommate. Sharing accommodation can cut down your expenses, offer companionship, and provide a sense of security. At the same time, finding the wrong roommate can have a serious impact on your enjoyment of your rental unit and overall quality of life. If you decide to get a roommate, try to choose someone with whom you are compatible in some fundamental ways. When searching for a suitable roommate, we recommend considering the 20 questions listed in this questionnaire.

Fill out this worksheet on screen, download it electronically, or print it and complete it by hand.

1. What is your typical daily schedule? Do you think the schedules will conflict?
2. Do you enjoy socializing or do you prefer to keep to yourself?
3. Are you a morning person or night person?
4. Do you tend to stay home or go out?
5. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How many nights per week will that person be staying over?
6. Do you drink or do any other kinds of recreational drugs? How much?
7. What kind of music do you listen to? How often? What volume?
8. How often do you like to cook?
9. What does “clean” mean to you? Do you consider yourself neat or messy?
10. What are your favourite and least favourite chores?
11. What is your decorating style? What furniture and home accessories do you have?
12. What are you comfortable sharing? What do you prefer to keep separate?
13. What temperature do you consider "comfortable"? Do you generally like to be hot or cold?
14. Are you extra-sensitive or allergic to anything?
15. What do you need in order to feel secure (locked windows, alarm, etc.)?
16. What do you want / expect from a roommate?
17. Do you smoke?
18. What do you think about pets?
19. Do you have a steady source of income? Will you be able to pay your rent on time?
20. Have you had any roommates in the past? How did you find that experience?
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