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1.3 One-Time Move in Expenses

At the start of a tenancy, a landlord can ask for a security deposit – often called a damage deposit. In BC, a security deposit can be a maximum of half the monthly rent. For example, if the rent is $1000 per month, the security deposit could be up to $500. We will talk more about security deposits in Section 4.

In BC, security deposits are almost always required. And there are other one-time expenses that you need to consider.  If you own a pet, your landlord can request that you pay a pet damage deposit of up to half the monthly rent.

In terms of utilities, you may have to provide a deposit to utility companies for electricity, gas, cable, internet and/or home phone services. These individual deposits may be hundreds of dollars!  On top of that, you might also have to pay installation or activation fees, so look out for those costs too.

Moving into a new place isn't cheap.  Do you need to rent a moving truck, buy boxes, or take time off work?  What about stuff to fill your new home?  Do you have all the appliances you need? Things like cutlery, a microwave, and TV.  What about a couch, dresser, bed, and other pieces of furniture?  All of these expenses can really add up.

In the Resources Section, there is a worksheet called “One-Time Move-In Expenses" that you can use to help plan for these additional expenses.